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Reasons why drumming is GREAT for kids!

Drumming is great for people for so many reasons but it is especially great for children.

Here are 5 ways drumming benefits children

1. Social Skills

Group drumming and percussion is a collaborative and interactive process. Children demonstrate teamwork by sharing and listening to each other. Find me someone who doesn't want their kids to improve their listening skills!!

2. Motor skills

Drumming can help to develop children's motor skills. They use fine and gross motor skills and are able to improve hand / eye coordination.

3. Emotional needs

Drumming provides great stress relief and can help children to express their feelings as well as giving them boosted self confidence and increased self esteem.

4. Cognitive development

Children's brains grow so rapidly. Drumming has the potential to increase attention span, develop impulse control, aid decision making and boost memory capacity during this time. When children participate in musical activities all areas of their brain are being used.

5. Creativity

Children's drumming sessions are based around experimentation and less about the precise and structured drumming technique. Drumming with children lends its self to exploration and creativity with sound.

If that isn't enough to let your child drum right now, drumming also is a healthy form of exercise and is a great way to build awareness of other world cultures....


Join us for one of our school holiday drumming workshops this September and let your child experience the great benefits.

#SunshineCoastDrumming #KidsDrumming

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